April 2010 Volume 7

Churchill Neita Junior Inter-form Quiz Competition for 2010

Twan Beckford
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Another year of intense competition has marked the end of the ninth season of the K. Churchill Neita Inter-form Quiz competition which was staged on the Melbourne Park Campus. Last year I wrote that 2009 was our most challenging year financially but it can now be said that 2010 is by far the most challenging year yet and it also proved to be one of our most competitive seasons. With the competition being rushed to get out of the way before the 100th staging of the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships and the inevitable run to the Finals of the TVJ’s School’s Challenge Quiz Competition, the Grade 7, 8 and 9 students showed the rest of their schoolmates that K.C. will forever be a force to be reckoned with in the Schools’ Challenge Quiz Competition.

The finals of the K. Churchill Neita Junior Inter-form Quiz Competition were held on March 12, 2010 in its new home, the Multipurpose Building on the Melbourne Park Campus. The day’s events began at approximately 3:30pm and ran smoothly through to 5:50pm. The Masters match was introduced some 6 years ago and is played between male and female teachers. The match ended in favour of the Male team for the 3rd straight year with a score of 32-26 and seeing them taking a 4-2 lead in the overall series.

All teams, Grades 7, 8 and 9, lived up to the competitiveness that was displayed at the beginning of the competition on March 1st. Team members from 8 Gibson; Juvaughn Jackson, Dominic Harrison, Romar Beckford, Scott Lee-Young and Garth Morgan all teamed up to defeat 8 Francis in a keenly contested match. The scores at the end of that match saw 8 Gibson on 18 points and 8 Francis on 10 points.

The third match of the day saw the Grade 9 teams matching up. Maurice Fisher, Jordan Forbes, John-Luke Foster, Patrick Jones and their reserve Charles Gentles all of 9 Hardie teamed up to defeat their rival 9 Gibson with a score of 26-13.

The most anticipated match up of the day was between 7 Clark and 9 Francis and it must be said that it did not disappoint. The Grade 7 match was keenly contested and proved to be one of the best matches that have ever been played over the nine years of the staging of the Quiz. Both teams changed the lead throughout the rounds with 7 Francis scoring as much as 10 points in their final minute but only one team could take the main prize in the end. At the end of the buzzer section, both teams were equal on 32 points. That was the most intense two minutes of a match as that was all it took in sudden death for 7 Clark to buzz in and gave the correct answer. That was the answer that decided the outcome of the match. Maurice Thomas, Kadeem Campbell, Kahlil Rose, Kareem Clarke and their reserve Kevon Bartley proved that they were indeed better than their opponent 7 Holding, when they defeated them in sudden death with a final score of 34-32.

Special thanks were extended to the group of Sixth Formers that gave their unyielding support along with Mrs. Fraser-Harris and all other persons that helped in the organization of the competition, The Inter-form Quiz ended on a high note with much bigger hopes and anticipation of next year being bigger and better than this year.

It is evident that the K. Churchill Neita Junior Inter-form Quiz competition held on the Melbourne Park campus annually has reaped high rewards and praises. This can be seen where members of the 2007 and 2009 winning School’s Challenge Quiz teams as well as all the members of the team that made it to the Quarter Finals of the said competition in 2008 and the team that will be playing in the Finals of the 2010 staging of School’s Challenge Quiz competition. They were all members of one or more teams in the junior Inter-form Quiz competition while they were at Melbourne and can trace the inspiration that led them to join the School’s Challenge Quiz team to that period of their high school life.

The competition must be kept alive and is in need of future sponsorship. Let me use this medium to appeal to all members of the Kingston College Diaspora to help us keep the dream alive. Let us all help to keep the K. Churchill Neita Junior Inter-form Quiz Competition alive as this is the place where talent is discovered and champions are made.

See you next year for a bigger and better staging of the 10th anniversary of the K. Churchill Neita Junior Inter-form Quiz Competition.

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