April 2010 Volume 7

A Few Words from the Editor

Dr. Glen Laman
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Congratulations to Wolmer’s on winning the 100th edition of Champs. While we are sorry the trophy is not going back to North Street, we have to admit it was a great story for Wolmers—winning the 1st and the 100th editions of the most exciting high school track and field championship on the planet.

In the School’s Challenge Quiz competition, KC took second place, “slipping at the final hurdle” in a tight match, losing to St. Jago 38 to 35, on the last question of the competition. 

 We realize that a lot of work went into the preparation and performances at both Champs and School’s Challenge. A big thank you to all the coaches, teachers and team members for the dedicated efforts to put us “in the game.”

We did manage to make the Gleaner editorial for an incident of celebration by one of our athletes at Champs. The Old Boy community is divided over the merits of the criticism by the Gleaner. Some see the incident as a sign of the times in Jamaica while others see it as the proverbial tempest in a teapot. This debate will no doubt continue as it touches on the larger issue of what is appropriate for victory celebrations in sports overall. Click this link to read the Gleaner editorial; and  here to read a rebuttal from a teacher at KC..

This month we salute the Pinnock family for establishing a scholarship for KC students. Leighton is a KCOB in Atlanta. His brother, Christopher, went to St. George’s. The full story and a picture of their mother, Mrs. Pinnock, are featured in the newsletter this month.

Congrats to Social Studies teacher, Andrea Martin-Rose who was voted as teacher of the year at the Melbourne campus.

Be sure to check these and other stories in this month’s edition.

Happy reading!
Glen Laman

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