April 2010 Volume 7

Founders’ Day “Weekend Celebrations”

Winston Stewart
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The 16th April 2010 marked the 85th anniversary of the founding of Kingston College by the Anglican Church. If we are clear in our minds and understand the situation in the 1920’s, we would readily accept that K.C. was in fact the brainchild of a then young priest called Percival William Gibson. It was money substantially put up by him and his sister that actually led to the start-up of K.C. History has demonstrated that K.C. grew rapidly in stature by its consistently high academic and sports achievements, and Gibson himself experienced a commensurate increase in public standing, beginning as the school’s founding principal and ascending to the position of the first native Jamaican bishop of the Anglican Church.

It was therefore fitting that the Atlanta Chapter took time out over the weekend of 16th – 18th April to observe and to celebrate this important milestone of the College. The activities began with a “Shooting The Breeze” gathering of Old Boys at Earl Pitter’s home in Waters Edge, Stone Mountain on the night of 16th April. We were joined by three guests who felt quite at home with the constant reminisces of things-Kingston College, and even added their own re-collections and encounters to much amusement and laughter. By far, Alwyn Morrison’s memory was the sharpest and he openly admitted that he was the originator of many nicknames assigned to his contemporaries. Monikers such as “Cave Man”, “Calf”, “Yul Brynner”, etc, rolled off his tongue with consummate ease, as he related the context in which they were coined. Food and beverage were provided “pot luck” style and satisfied the palate of everyone present. As 1:30 AM approached, the exodus began as good friends bid each other adieu. A big thank you to Earl and his family for playing hosts to a very enjoyable event.

The games marathon planned for the 17th April was previously cancelled due to the unavailability of the preferred venue. Disappointments were aplenty, as many self-promoted domino players, both male and female, were anticipating wearing the crown of king/queen. But this was not to be, and in retrospect I should have been more pre-emptive in securing the venue contractually.

The final day of the weekend, 18th April, was set aside for the Founders’ Day service at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in Decatur. The 11:00 AM service was attended by 12 Old Boys and their families. Near the end of the service, the school was duly acknowledged as the flagship educational institution of the Anglican Church in Jamaica.

The Old Boys were asked to stand and be recognized, which also served to enhance one of the missions of the Atlanta Chapter, which is to increase its visibility in the community. We hosted an after-service repast in the annex to the Church, which provided further opportunities for us to dine and mingle with the worshippers. All food and beverages were contributed by Old Boys. We estimate that over 100 people were in attendance and everyone left with a positive impression of our alma mater and the Atlanta Chapter.

We thank Rev. Brian A. Jemmott, Rector of “Holy Cross” for graciously granting our request to celebrate Founders’ Day at the Church service. It is our intention to make this event an annual one going forward.

Fortis Always!

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