October 2010 Volume 7

The Brave in Winter

Everton Bailey
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How quickly the years slip by.

It seems like it was just yesterday we left the hallowed grounds of Clovelly Park. Yet in the blink of an eye, the years, for many of us, have rapidly turned into decades. We quickly moved from adolescence into adulthood, pursued higher education, became husbands and fathers, embarked on careers and/or business ventures, and all in all endeavored to make our mark on the world.

Many of us have also endured the pain of losing one or both parents, a sibling or spouse, a close relative or friend, or, God forbid, a child. We have survived broken relationships, battled the ebb and flow of the financial cycle, and confronted personal health issues.

Yet throughout the changing fortunes, amid all the trials and triumphs and the drudgery of daily life, one constant has remained: an undying love for KC and an abiding gratitude for the fond memories of our high school years. Indeed, it is the spirit of fortis - courage in the face of adversity - which has often buoyed us in the storms of life.

However, while our life experience has, for the most part, strengthened us, and we are no longer petrified by our own mortality, particularly after the passing of a loved one, the question is how will we choose to live our lives going forward. By now we are aware that life is all too short, fragile and unpredictable. It therefore behooves us to seize each day, carpe diem, and seek to leave a lasting impact on the lives we touch.

Admittedly, we do not have all we want, but the vast majority of us are blessed with all we need: life, health, a loving family, and the ability to meet the basic necessities of life. Instead of merely existing, the time is now ripe to fully embrace life by reconnecting or deepening our spiritual roots (whatever our core beliefs may be); reconciling with estranged family or friends (often we cannot even remember the underlying cause of the alleged grievance); and seeking ways to move beyond our narrow self-interest and serve the broader common good. 

Because of the pivotal role KC played in our formative years and in preparing us for life’s challenges, the institution should be a central focus of our individual and collective efforts to be active and engaged in serving the broader common good. We are eternally indebted to our alma mater and, as a result, should consider:

  • joining and participating in the local KCOBA Chapter - or join one of your choosing
  • making a financial contribution to KC each year, whether to the local Chapter, the Trust Fund, or to a project which is particularly close to your heart - there is an ongoing obligation to give back
  • organizing or attending a reunion of your graduating class - the Big Purple Session  in Florida is a great venue
  • visiting the KC campus - the wave of nostalgia is exhilarating
  • attending Champs - particularly on a Saturday afternoon with KC in the hunt, and the outcome hinging on the result of each event
  • establishing or supporting a scholarship at KC - the need is great
  • mentoring a KC student - the number of students without a positive male role model is alarming

Life is fleeting. In spite of its challenges, it is still a priceless gift full of undiscovered opportunities. We have been blessed to share the unforgettable KC experience and if, as we profess, we truly love our alma mater, there is a sacred duty to help the current student body to fully live the KC dream, and to help preserve this truly unique institution for generations to come.

For perhaps it is in serving others, and in embracing a cause greater than ourselves, that we may yet find true meaning and fulfillment.

Fortis Forever

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