January 2011 Volume 8

A Few Words from the Editor

Dr. Glen Laman
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In just a few more days the first decade of the 21st century will be over. And it was a tumultuous decade in many respects.  The global economic crisis and the events of 9/11 have forced governments and individuals to adjust to the “new normal.” 

A new world order appears to be emerging:  Countries that were once rich are now struggling with debt and other ills while once poor nations such as Brazil, China, and India are on a trajectory of growth and prosperity that augurs well for their economies in the decades ahead.

Information and computing technologies have revolutionized how we connect to each other and cell phones, the internet and social media have forever changed the pace and nature of our communications. Books and newspapers, for example, will shortly no longer exist as we once knew them.

Our newsletter, the KC Times, is also facing the disruptive force of social media. New generations are no longer interested in leisurely reading pages and pages of text.  They clamor for succinct and instant multimedia content.  Twitter limits you to 140 character of text forcing you to get to the point without crafting a treatise on your topic.

In the next decade we may have to reconsider how the KC Times goes to market. We are currently in the process of upgrading our platform to employ the latest technology.  Webmaster Earl Adams has spent countless hours revamping the site and much work remains.  We are also planning to provide links to social media such as Facebook and Twitter so readers can easily share our content with their friends.  Stay tuned. Be sure to read Earl’s article on the evolution of the newsletter over the years.

We have an exciting issue to end the decade.  Barrington Salmon shares with us how his father played a pivotal role in integrating England’s national railway network in the middle of the last century in a wonderfully written piece entitled, Integrating British Railways.

The Kingston College Chapel Choir is on a roll and has been honored with a commemorative stamp by the Jamaica Postal Service.  We have articles and pictures of the choir and many other stories to delight you.

Robert Kelly, president of the New York chapter, has moved back to Jamaica.  We thank him for his many years of service and dedication to KC and we wish him all success in his new endeavors on the rock.

Happy New Year and Happy reading!

Glen Laman
The KC Times

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