January 2011 Volume 8

The Fortis Pavilion

Edgar Lewis
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The Fortis Pavilion was birthed in November 2009, out of a desire to help improve the quality of life at our alma mater, Kingston College. It was conceptualized to give a younger set of Kingston College past students a more contemporary way of improving their network and ultimately their net worth through a spirit of courage, family and altruism.

During our embryonic stage, we have made tremendous impact on the quality of life of students, both at the Melbourne and North Street campuses, at Kingston College. We have run barb wire fences to keep criminal elements off the North Street Campus, undertaken a major clean up exercise at the Melbourne Campus and donated well needed food items to the Manning Cup team.
As perhaps expected, we have shown unwavering support to our sports teams through motivational talks and attendance at games. Dearest to our hearts is, however, our mentorship programme which began in September 2010, on the Melbourne Campus. The support from what one teacher dubbed "The Pavilionaires' has been welcomed by the staff and students there. Members of the Pavilion are required to mentor boys in the way they attire and conduct themselves on and off the school compound. The mentors are required to make contact with the mentees at least once per month. The overall aim of the mentorship programme is to improve discipline at KC, and we plan to extend it to the North Street Campus very soon.

The Fortis Pavilion is funded through the kindness of Kingston College graduates in Jamaica and the Diaspora. However, the bulk of our funding is raised through our quarterly 'Touch of Purple' Retro Party. 'Touch of Purple' is also the incubator for most of our networking and reunions.

We currently have a steering committee which has been entrusted with effecting a solid constitution and laying the ground work for the continuation of our organization, which we hope will serve future generations of Kingston College students and graduates.

The Pavilion aims to continue to protect and promote the Fortis and Kingston College brands. We want to ensure that Kingston College remains the most viable alternative for young Jamaican men, from all walks of life, who want to be given a chance at a better future. 

You can contact the Fortis Pavilion 
on facebook or by email: fortispavilion@gmail.com
Edgar Lewis,
Founding Member,
Fortis Forever

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