January 2011 Volume 8

A Message from the President of KCOBA Jamaica

Dr. Ray Fraser
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I want to congratulate and support the Chairman, Professor Vasciannie on his Christmas reflections.  He has set the tone for the KC fraternity for 2011.  I also commend the KC Choir for a stellar performance at the UWI Mona Chapel and hope that those who missed the performance were able to see the highlights of the concert which was broadcasted on CVM on Christmas Day.

I must also commend the Choir for being honoured by the Jamaica Post & Telecommunication Department where the Kingston College Choir will be placed on approximately 300,000 stamps.  At the same time, we must recognize that the high standard achieved is a culmination of over seventy years of consistent hardwork, dedication, history and tradition.

Fortis Brethrens, the KC Fraternity will go down in Jamaica’s history as the most vibrant and spirited with the richest tradition and greatest expression of love for one’s school.  However, we have reached a juncture in our existence where this tradition and love will be seriously tested.  When we assess the school’s excellent performance in academia and sports along with the commitment and sacrifice of staff as well as the input of the old boys and balance it against the state of despair and inadequate infrastructure; the obvious question of concern that becomes more and more apparent is how much longer this delicate balance can be maintained before it tilts in an unfavourable direction.  As the Chairman said, “we cannot rest on our laurels and become complacent with the tradition of excellence,” we have to act now to prevent further deterioration in infrastructure to our beloved school. 

For year 2011, there are a number of projects that the School Board and KCOBA have prioritized for commencement and completion. 

  • Commencement of the expansion of the Douglas Forrest Building.
  • The complete Renovation of the Science Block and Sports Pavilion.

Over the years, a number of old boys have helped consistently, but for us to achieve these objectives, it will mean doubling of efforts of those who are already helping and real commitment from every other old boy.

Fortis Brethrens, it can be done, it has to be done and will be done.  Kingston College (KC) is a brand; the Fortis Fraternity is extremely strong and dynamic and abounds with zeal, benevolence and goodwill.  Shortly, we will be calling on the Fortis Fraternity to make pledges.  Let our commitment be one of action fuelled by the Fortis spirit.

In closing, I wish to thank all the members of the Fortis Fraternity both locally and overseas for their support over the past six months into my Presidency.  I look forward to us working together to achieve more for our beloved Alma Mater.

Fortis Forever.

Ray Fraser
KCOBA Jamaican Chapter

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