May 2013 Volume 10

Tribute to Christopher Farr

Conrod Senior
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Christopher Evon Farr was the first child for Mrs. Janet Farr. He grew up in Bull Bay, St. Andrew. He attended KC from 1990-1997 and was a drummer in the Cadet Corps. He worked at Jamaica Customs from 1999 until his passing. He leaves behind his mother Janet, daughter Kris-Ann, sister Michelle and girlfriend Monique.

It is said that the Greeks didn't write obituaries, they only asked one question after a man died, “Did he have passion?” Did Chris have Passion? The simple answer is YES!! From what I discerned from all my interactions with Chris, he had a passion for Life, Love and Family.

He showed an uncanny will and spirit in fighting his battle. He believed he could’ve won. He LIVED our school motto, the brave may fall but never yield. He never thought of quitting. He made up his mind that he was going to come back and show everyone that this ailment couldn't break him that easily. Alas, this did not happen. And even though death won the battle it didn't win the war because Chris’ Spirit lives on.

On behalf of the entire Kingston College Family I extend to his family our profound and deepest sympathy.  Life is not always the way it’s supposed to be. It is the way it is. The way you cope with it, that’s what makes the difference. We can be comforted by the fact that Chris attended the King of Colleges but has now ascended to the Grand College of Kings Above!! So Stay Prayed Up. The Fortis Family will always be with you. 

Chris: You are indeed a Fortis of the highest order. Walk good my brother and friend. The Memories Live On!!

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