June 2014 Volume 11

The David “Wagga” Hunt Scholarship Initiative -- New York Leg 2014

Robert Taylor
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The New York leg of the, David “Wagga” Hunt Foundation football extravaganza is slated to take place on Saturday June 7, 2014 at the Evander Childs High School, in The Bronx.  The David “Wagga” Hunt New York committee made up of Kingston College (KC) and Calabar High School past students and their respective past student associations will organize this event.  The event will consist of football (soccer), music, food and drinks for sale.  It starts at 3:00pm sharp with the teams, Bronx Global Youths, Lion of Hempstead, Meadhaven Invitational, Mandela Invitational and the feature game of KC old boys versus Calabar old boys vying for the coveted “Wagga Hunt Trophy.”  It will be a day of fun, food and entertainment.

We will be privy to a day of entertaining and competitive games. For those who are strong football (Soccer) fans, what better way to get into the vibes for the FIFA world cup starting on June 14, 2014?

Not only is the day filled with entertainment, but, also it is day for a worthy cause. This is a way to give back to the Jamaican society. We need the support of all. There is a contribution requirement at the gate of only $5.00. The entertainment value makes this a steal.  The David “Wagga” Hunt foundation was formed to continue the legacy of David’s life of giving.  All the funds collected will be exclusively used for funding the scholarships to kids at both, KC and Calabar who need financial help but also take part in extracurricular activities.

Each year, each school administration nominates the potential scholarship candidates and a selection committee decides who will be awarded the David “Wagga” Hunt Scholarship.  After selection and awarding of a scholarship, the requirements for the kids are to maintain passing grades and proper conduct throughout their school life. A system is in place to help any scholarship awardee that is having problems living up to the requirement of the scholarship, whether it is academic, social of psychological. Members of the Jamaican “Wagga Hunt committee” provide counseling, tutoring and guidance when necessary.

The primary aim of the David “Wagga” Hunt Foundation is to help mold potential future leaders of the Jamaican society and offer a blueprint on how members of different factions can work together for the good of the society. After all, there are no two schools with greater competitive spirit than that of KC and Calabar. The high school athletic championship (known as Champs in the Jamaican parlance) brings out the competitive fire than anything else. Yet here we are working together to help with molding of the young kids to think about the society and see each other as brothers when the competition is over. That competitive passion is saved for the field of competition and brotherly love thereafter.

Remember Fortis and Rabalac family and friends, you all need to turn up in droves to support your team while having fun doing it and at the same time support a worthy cause. We are looking for a good turn out to make this a success.

Robert Taylor - Wagga Hunt Committee Member – New York (NY)

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