September 2019 Volume 15

Wayne Golding Sr. Awarded Jamaica National Honors

Dr. Glen Laman
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Wayne Golding Sr., Kingston College Old Boy and prominent attorney based in Orlando, Florida, has been appointed to receive the Jamaican Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander (CD). He is one of two old boys to receive national honors this year.

The award is for significant contributions to the Jamaican Diaspora Community in the United States of America and to National Development.

The year 2019 has proven to be a banner year of recognition for Wayne’s accomplishments. In June 2019, he was recognized in the United Stated Congressional records for his contribution to the Caribbean Diaspora (,

This was followed by his selection for the Governor General Diaspora Achievement Award ( ).

He is now being nationally honored by the Government of Jamaica with the Order of


Wayne was born in Kingston, Jamaica where he attended primary schools in St. Mary and Kingston. In 1981, after his graduation from Kingston College he immigrated to New York but has been living in Florida since 1988.

While at Kingston College between 1976-1981 he learned and absorbed the value of communication, service and leadership.

The associations and friendships he honed on and off Kingston College’s campus remain a

lifetime of strength and influence. The guidance received from persons like legendary alumni Mr. Audley Hewett and teachers like Mrs. Urquhart have been an invaluable positive influence. He has remained steadfastly committed to the school and is integrally involved in continuing to

support the institution.

His education in the United States includes a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Jurist Doctor of Law. He is a community educator, leader and an accomplished attorney practicing in the Florida State Courts and the United States Federal Courts.

In 2004 he established the litigation law firm, The Golding Law Group, PLC

based in Orlando, Florida. The firm offers legal representation in several areas of law including

but not limited to Immigration, Criminal, Family, Entertainment, Government and International

Law. Over the years, with an Eighty percent Jamaican clientele, he has litigated numerous high-

profile cases but he is most passionate about every day immigration cases.

Mr. Golding has a well-documented history of personal engagement with current issues

and organizations that directly affect his local and international communities. For over a decade

he has co-hosted a weekly law segment on Orlando’s WOKB 1680 AM - Caribbean Affairs

Connection Radio Show and aptly named “Law Talk” and recently a second titled

Diaspora Connect”.

Serving as a legal consultant and analyst to several major media Caribbean outlets

dealing with issues affecting the Caribbean and its Diaspora, he advises on policies and laws of

the United States. He has served as President of the Caribbean Bar Association – Central Florida

Chapter and as an immigrant he made history by being appointed to serve as Chairman of the

Orange County School Board Bi- Racial Committee, a position which was created by a United

States Federal Court over 40 years ago as to oversee Orange County, Florida school board

policies as they related to the vestiges of segregation.

As a founding member of the Jamaica Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Task

Force, The Jamaica Diaspora Immigration and Deportation Task Force and a participant in the

Jamaica Diaspora working group for the Economic Growth Council, he is engaged across the

entire Jamaica Diaspora. He is a long-standing member of the American Immigration Lawyers

Association, International Diaspora Engagement Alliance, the Conference of Heads of Caribbean

Organizations and other world recognized groups.

He continues to participate in numerous lobby efforts with his colleagues to his local and State government as well as on Capitol Hill for the purpose of urging reforms on issues including but not limited to critical immigration policy and laws. Over the years, his Caribbean community and peers have honored him with many awards for both his community service and legal work.

In June 2017, Mr. Golding was overwhelmingly re-elected with 87 percent of the votes cast to for a second term in the voluntary role as the Jamaica’s Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the Southern USA. This strong mandate enables him to confidently continue to advise the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Government of Jamaica on Jamaica Diaspora issues.

He will also continue to organize and enhance the capacity of the Caribbean Diaspora community in the associated 13 states of the Southern USA region. He is committed to methodically galvanizing our Caribbean Diaspora skills, talents and contacts for the purpose of strengthening practical partnerships for influencing governmental and private policies which affect our communities.

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