March 2022 Volume 18

Garfield Anthony Hall - Obituary

Anthony Hall
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On June 8, 1960, a son by the name of Garfield Anthony Hall was born in Kingston, Jamaica at St Joseph Hospital to Stanley and Dorothy Hall, all three unaware of the man he would grow to become.

Along the years his sister Jennifer Hall would also be born, bringing him into a leadership position at an early phase within in his life having now to learn what it is to be an older brother, role model, and in a sense a protector.

Garfield spent the majority of his early days spending time with family and friends playing either football or tennis. He was raised with a strong focus on being family oriented, primarily because he never had the opportunity to meet the majority of his grandparents but the few he did, the love was unconditional, and this is how he treated those he came in contact with.

Garfield went by numerous names amongst his friends and colleagues. Whether it was G, Gary, Gar, G-Field, Field just to name a few. The love and admiration that certain individuals have for him were unmatched. At times he could be that light that people were unaware that they needed at the moment. It could either be his smile or his humorous dry sense of humor that would pick you up on a hard day. His attitude towards completing a goal and holding others towards that standard was the inspiration that he aimed to be.

Garfield spent his tenure in Jamaica at Kingston College where he followed in his father Stanley Hall’s footsteps being a leader, an upstanding student, and an accomplished athlete. Soccer and tennis were his favorite sports to play as a youth in Kingston. He eventually won all Island Championship in tennis. Some of his other favorite sports to watch were, American football (The Giants), baseball (The Yankees), basketball (The Knicks), and then there was his love for track and field. He has also spent countless hours and days assisting KC with their track and field programs even assisting the team throughout the years with the Penn Relays.

Garfield could spend hours telling stories about the school that he held dearly to his heart, his FORTIS forever. Wherever he traveled you could see him donning his beloved purple and white KC colors proudly. Garfield always stood by the motto he grew to love , “FORTIS CADERE CEDERE NON POTEST”, translated, “THE BRAVE MAY FALL BUT NEVER YIELD”.

Upon his graduation from Kingston College, Garfield ultimately migrated to America, where his mother Dorothy Hall was working for the United Nations, and he made the decision to attend Baruch College earning degrees in Business Administration and Marketing.

During his duration at Baruch, he was the head or member of numerous clubs. One club especially was the Caribbean club where he was responsible for numerous duties. While attending college he began working for Road Limousine where he was able to apply the lessons from his undergraduate work towards his daily duties. Starting off as a driver, Garfield eventually transitioned to Event Coordinator and also the trainer for new drivers. His responsibilities were to ensure that no matter the status of client, they were given the greatest service from any employee. He was loved by his co-workers who could count on him for his dedication, humor, or times to be brutally honest to place matters in perspective. Garfield eventually received his Doctorate Degree from Marylebone University.

In his lifetime there are more stories than words, but Garfield lived a vivid life, leaving him as one of the most interesting men in the world. Garfield is survived by his son Anthony Hall and his sister Jennifer Hall and many other families and dear to heart friends.

When it came to his son Garfield was not only a father but a mentor, teacher, and an ear that he could always go to no matter what time of day or night, they were best friends. Garfield will truly be missed by everyone that he has impacted, from family, friends, co-workers, clients, students he has mentored, and maybe even an individual that he only met once, he has had an influence on everyone he has encountered.


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