March 2022 Volume 18

Books by KC Old Boys

Staff reporter KC Times
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Many people will be surprised at the number of books that have been written by KC Old Boys.

Within recent months Dr. Stephen Vasciannie has published Caribbean Essays in Law and Policy; Dr. Derrick Aarons released his book on Bioethics titled, Vital Communications in Medicine.

Dr. Glen Laman wrote Jamaican Entrepreneurship and coauthored a book of short stories, The Hero of Fern Gully and Other Jamaican Short Stories; Donovan Davis KC’s former track Coach shared his memoirs in Nuff Lemonade, and Dr. Gerald Hector explains the value of mentorship in It’s Easy Son, Quit Making things Difficult.

One of the last projects of the late Everton Barrett is his memoir, Black Man Rising which chronicled his rise as a black man in America.

Although not an old boy, the list includes Frances Coke’s The Spirit of Clovelly Park recollections of her journey as a teacher and Quiz team coach during the turbulent 70’s.

Here is the full list we have collected. Doubtless, there are omissions. Please contact is with updates.

Caribbean Essays on Law and Policy

Dr. Stephen Vasciannie

The Hero of Fern Gully and Other Jamaican Short Stories

Glen Laman and Basil Kong

Jamaican Entrepreneurship

Dr. Glen Laman

Black Man Rising

Everton Barrett

The Spirit of Clovelly Park

Mrs.Frances Coke(nee)Philips

Educational Health Disparities in Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Factors; Finding from Jamaica Health and Life Style Survey 2007-2008

Rainford J. Wilks and others

It's Easy Son, Quit Making Things Difficult

Dr. Gerald Hector

Disparities in diabetes mellitus among Caribbean Populations; a Scoping review

Rainford J. Wilks and others

Vital Communications in Medicine

Dr. Derrick Aarons

A Wake-up Call

Michael Baugh

Land- Locked and Geographically Disadvantaged States in the International Law of the Sea

Stephen Vasciannie

The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in International Investment Law and Practice

Stephen Vasciannie

Investor - State Dispute Settlement in International Investment Law

Stephen Vasciannie and a co-author

International Law and Selected Human Rights In Jamaica

Stephen Vasciannie

The Privy Council Versus The Caribbean Court of Appeal

Stephen Vasciannie

Arguments and Facts: Caribbean Public Law, Governance, Economy and Society

Stephen Vasciannie

The International Law Workbook

Stephen Vasciannie

The History of Kingston College 1925-1995

Anthony Johnson

The History of Kingston College 1925-2006

Anthony Johnson

Kingston: Portrait of a City

Anthony Johnson

Remembering "Foggy" Sydney Ignatius Burrowes

Errol Lecky

When a Man Loves

Pete Kennedy

In Praise of Jamaica

George Meikle

Nuff Lemonade

Donovan Davis

No Holding Back The Autobiography

Michael Holding

Why We Kneel How We Rise

Michael Holding

Shards of remembering

Raymond Mair

Whispering Death: The Life and Times of Michael Holding

Tony Cozier and Michael Holding


Dr. Basil Wilson

Foundations of Caribbean Politics

Robert Buddan

Persistent Poverty

George Beckford

Small Garden, Bitter Weed: Struggle and Change in Jamaica

George Beckford and one coauthor

An Absence of Ruins

Orlando Patterson

The Children of Sisyphus

Orlando Patterson

The Sociology of Slavery, An Analysis

Orlando Patterson

Die the Long Day

Orlando Patterson

Ethnic Chauvinism: The Reactionary

Orlando Patterson

The Confounding Island Jamaica

Orlando Patterson

Chronology of World Slavery, Volume I, Freedom in the Making of Western Culture

Orlando Patterson

The Ordeal of Integration

Orlando Patterson

Rituals of Blood; Consequences of Slavery in Two American Centuries

Orlando Patterson

Slavery and and Social Death

Orlando Patterson

The Gibson Relays: History & Impact on Jamaica's Sports Culture and Social Development

Verene Shephard

Reflections On A Moment In Time George H. Montague

Untamed Passions

Allan N'Dalla

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