September 2022 Volume 18

FORTISMAGNA™ brings Jamaican food and nutrition secrets to athletes

Staff reporter KC Times
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KC Old Boy Dr. Barry Pitter founded a company which manufactures supplements for athletes.

His Canada-based supplement company FORTISMAGNA™ offers a variety of sports and health supplements for athletes to elevate their performance and achieve their athletic goals.

The company draws inspiration from the food and practices of Jamaican athletes globally known for their monumental feats in speed and endurance. Fortis Magna seeks to enable athletes to maximize their performance outcomes on the field.

Dr. Pitter has formulated Fortis Magna products leveraging his vast knowledge about the average Jamaican diet and using current research findings as guidelines. Jamaican athletes consume superior quality produce, with high quantities of fish, fruits, and vegetables and low to moderate amounts of meat. Their diet is high in simple and complex carbohydrates, a range of starch and fats with a small amount of protein to allow them to build lean muscle mass and excellent endurance levels.

This company stands out as a supplement brand for athletes due to its research-backed development, the exceptional quality of its products, and proven results.

All products are manufactured in the USA following the FDA guidelines. The brand covers a gamut of sports and performance supplements that are essential in an athlete’s training and journey. They are designed to drive consumers to achieve athletic goals, whether running faster, jumping higher, or lifting more.

POWA Mix is a pre-workout supplement that helps athletes enhance energy, increase focus, maintain endurance, and promote muscle mass development while training. Unlike other pre-workouts in the market, it does not cause sleep disturbances even if consumed at the end of the day, allowing athletes to get the much-needed rest. Fortis Magna’s Recovery Blend post-workout supplement contains a high carbs-to-protein ratio of 1:1. It enables athletes to maximize muscle recovery and grow lean mass without fat gain.

In addition to helping athletes train better, Fortis Magna’s supplements address some other health concerns. Pro Force enables them to shed unwanted pounds safely and effectively to stay agile. Made with natural ingredients like green coffee beans, raspberry ketones, and Garcinia cambogia, it boosts metabolism, controls appetite, increases energy, and supports the breakdown of fat cells. Booster is a multivitamin plus complex that helps build a robust immune system, and Focus brings them the goodness of mushrooms to support brain health, promote energy levels, and improve immune health.

Pitter brings more than three decades of experience in the field of athletic performance to his products. He is a member of the Chemical Institute of Canada and the Canadian Medical Association.

He attended Kingston College from 1960 – 1966 where he was Sergeant Major of the school’s cadet corps and was the first Jamaican to receive the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award; presented to him by the duke himself, HRH Prince Phillip, in a private ceremony at Mona Great House.

In 1975 he graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc. In Chemistry and worked for several years as a Research and Development Chemist, before studying medicine in Mexico. He practiced medicine in Mexico and was a physician and Nutrition adviser at Atlas Clubs Mx.

Fortis Magna’s products are all available online and through select outlets.

For more information visit FortisMagna at

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