January 2023 Volume 19

The Mentoring Program at KC

Albert Anderson
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The Fortis Pavilion through its flagship mentorship programme continues to provide impactful guidance to our younger Fortis brothers.

The reality is that most of the negative behavioural issues being experienced by the teaching and administrative staff at Kingston College stem from inadequate parental support in the households, most of which are fathered by mothers.

Against this background, on November 2nd, 3rd and 10 th 2022; the Fortis Pavilion conducted three mentorship sessions along with members of the KCOBA targeting grades 7 to 9 at the Melbourne campus.

The topics presented by the mentors were guided by Vice Principal Karyn Quallo and these included grooming, appropriate behaviour, self-actualization, proper decision making, uplifting life skills, portraying good interpersonal traits, respect for the environment and brotherly love. Based on the reaction of the students and the teachers, the information was well received, and it could be observed that the session had a positive impact on the students.

The mentorship team intends to target the at-risk youths within the school for further intervention through smaller focus groups to create greater impact in this area. These students will be identified by the teachers, dean of discipline and guidance counsellor.

The Fortis Pavilion is also pioneering a bench refurbishing fundraising initiative aimed at renovating over 100 benches at the St. Augustine Chapel at Clovelly Park. A target of One Million Dollars is being sought through contributions of One Thousand Dollars per donor to supplement this venture.

The Fortis Pavilion will be embarking on several other fundraising ventures throughout the year as we seek funding to provide vital support to our alma mater. Let’s continue in our relentless efforts to maintain our status quo as the greatest secondary educational institution in Jamaica.

Fortes Fortuna Iuvat, Fortune Favours the Brave!

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