July 2023 Volume 19

KC reveals 2023 Technical Director, Head Coach and Management Team

Staff reporter KC Times
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1. Vassel Reynolds - Manning Cup (U19) Technical Director & Head Coach

Mr. Vassel Reynolds is our new Technical Director & Head Coach who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Social Studies. Mr. Reynolds is not only a certified football coach, but he is also a trained teacher with a diploma in teaching.

Mr. Reynolds has thirty (30) years of coaching experience. Mr. Reynold’s football certification includes: JFF Advanced Levels 1 &2, holder of a CONCACAF B Licence and he is pursuing a CONCACAF A Licence. He earned a semi-final berth in the Dacosta Cup with Edwin Allen in his first stint as a Schoolboy Football coach. Since then, Mr. Reynolds has not been a stranger to Schoolboy Football semi-finals and finals. Some of his many football achievements include winning the 2006 U14 title with Wolmer’s, winning the 2007 U16 All Island title with Wolmer’s, taking Hydel High to their first Manning Cup final in 2012, winning the 2015 Walker Cup title with Wolmer's, winning the 2016 Flow Cup title with Wolmer’s and in his first year with Ruseas High School, he won the 2017 Dacosta Cup title. He is among a select band of coaches who have won major U19 football titles in both the Urban and Rural football competitions.

At the National level, he has served as an assistant coach with the Jamaica Senior Men’s Team on their tour of Austria in 2022 and currently, he is a part the National U15 football coaching staff.

If all of those football accolades weren’t enough, Mr. Vassel has also served in the capacity of Track Team Manager for Ruseas High and Vere Technical. Additionally, Mr. Reynolds is also a cricket coach where he has guided teams at the U14 and U16 levels. Mr. Reynolds is very familiar with winning so on that note, let’s welcome Mr. Vassel Reynolds to Kingston College.

2.Jermaine Miller - (U19) Assistant Head Coach & (U16) Head Coach

Mr. Jermaine Miller is a graduate of the G.C. Foster College where he completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Sport. Mr. Miller had an extensive playing career that began in the 1994 at his alma mater Morant Bay High School and ended in 2010 at Rivoli United Football Club; in between those years, he played at Harbour View Football Club, Yallahs United Football Club, Waterhouse Football Club, Arnett Gardens Football Club and GC Foster Football Club. The following year after hanging up his boots at Rivoli, he began his coaching journey in 2011 in his native parish of St. Thomas where he coached the Seaforth Sports Club. In 2015 he got his first Schoolboy Football coaching job where he became the Head Coach of St. Catherine High School’s Manning Cup team. Along the way he has amassed a number of years of experience as a head coach and as an assistant head coach for St. Jago High School’s Manning Cup team, GC Foster College’s female football team, York United’s Major League football team, Haile Selassie High’s Manning Cup team, and Jamaica College’s Manning Cup team. Mr. Miller is currently the Head Coach for Kingston College’s U16 football team, and he was also appointed as the assistant head coach for KC’s Manning Cup team. Mr. Miller has a Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Advanced Level 2 Coaching Certificate and a Certificate in Football Tactical Analysis. Coach Miller is also an avid YouTuber who creates analytical football content. This is where I would add a shameless plug for Mr. Miller’s page. All in all, Mr. Miller has an analytical approach to football.

3. Kemar Gentles - (U14) Head Coach

Mr. Kemar Gentles is our new Head Coach for the U14 team. Mr. Gentles is not a stranger to the U14 programme; he has provided an invaluable number of hours and years as a volunteer assistant coach. He is a past student of Kingston College where he represented KC at all football levels. He was a part of the team that won the 2000 Walker Cup title. Mr. Gentles has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the Western Carolina University. He is the current Physical Education teacher; Social Studies teach and head coach at Mona Heights Primary School. He has been coaching all the major sporting disciplines at Mona Heights Primary including football, cricket and track and field. Mr Gentles is the holder of a Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) D Licence and has over fifteen (15) years of coaching experience.

4. Casbert Waisome - Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mr. Casbert Waisome is our new Strength and Conditioning Coach. He is a graduate of the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport where he has completed certifications in Sport Massage and Fitness Instruction (Levels 1 & 2). Mr. Waisome has over six (6) years of experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has previously worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Jamaica College and Clarendon College. Mr. Waisome is the current Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Arnett Gardens Football Club in the Jamaica Premier League. He is also a seasoned Personal Fitness Trainer at Spry Training, one of the island’s leading gyms.

5. Robert Beckford - Goalkeeper Coach

Mr. Robert Beckford is our new Goalkeeper Coach who comes to us with a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. Mr. Beckford is a former goalkeeper himself where he played for Marverly-Hughenden Football Club, Shortwood Football Club and Arnett Gardens Football Club. Mr. Beckford has an Advanced Level Certificate from Global Soccer Ministries International (GSM) and he is the holder of a Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) D Licence. Mr. Beckford has coached at multiple Schoolboy Football teams namely: Holy Trinity High, Camperdown High School, Meadowbrook High and
Dinthill Technical. Mr. Beckford is the current Goalkeeper Coach at the Arnett Gardens Football Club in the Jamaica Premier League (JPL).

6. Garfield Simmonds - Massage Therapist

Mr. Garfield Simmonds is a graduate of the GC Foster College where he completed studies in Sport Massage. Mr. Simmonds is a seasoned Massage Therapist who has experience at the High School level and at the professional level. Mr. Simmonds is competent Massage Therapist who is involved in both Athletics and Football.
Mr. Simmonds is a presently a Massage Therapist at the MVP Track Club and at the Harbour View Football Club. Mr. Simmonds’ goals for his athletes are to improve blood circulation, promote muscle relaxation, relieve stress on the body, alleviate pain, and most importantly, to reduce the probability of injuries.

7. Albert Anderson - Management Team

Mr. Albert Anderson is one of two additions to our Football Management Team.
Mr. Anderson is a past student of Kingston College and has been an active member of the Fortis Pavilion. The Fortis Pavilion is a Kingston College alumni group that primarily focuses on establishing mentorship and outreach programmes for grades 7-9 KC students. Mr. Anderson currently serves as the President for the Fortis Pavilion. In his professional capacity, Mr. Anderson is the Director of the Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) at the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA). Mr. Anderson’s well documented love for Kingston College along with his years of experience as a senior manager will serve the management team well.

8. Dennis Howard “Juicie” Bell - Management Team

Mr. Dennis Howard “Juicie” Bell is a past football player for Kingston College, Santos Football Club, and the Jamaica National Football teams. He is actually a living legend in his own right: Santos Legend, Jamaica Legend and most certainly: a KC Legend. A king of the 1970’s. Mr. Bell has had a successful career playing football where he has won numerous titles at KC and Santos FC. Moving on to the national programme, Mr. Bell has represented Jamaica with distinction. In his latter year, Mr. Bell has also had the opportunity to manage many of Jamaica’s national teams at the youth and senior level and across both sexes. Mr. Howard “Juicie” Bell’s contribution to the field of sports has not gone unrecognised. He has been awarded by the various Kingston College Old Boy Chapters and most recently in 2020, he was the recipient of the Order of Distinction (OD) in the rank of officer for his outstanding service in the field of sports. For those who didn’t know, from henceforth, please address him as Mr. Dennis Howard “Juicie” Bell, O.D.


Mr. Bell and Mr. Anderson’s addition to the Kingston College Football Management Team will provide more support to an already strong Management Team. A team that is led by Mr Donovan Germain O.D., J.P. along with his trusted team: Mr. Derrick Banks, Mr. Darren Moore, Mr. Marlon Perry, Mr. Dean Nevers, Mr. Ruben Hanson J.P, Mr. Omar Peterkin, Mr. Everton “Bunny” Gardener J.P, Mr. Lorne Donaldson, Mr. Ian Davis, Mr. Steven Henry and Dr. Shane McNeil (Team Doctor). Fourteen (14) capable and competent managers.

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