January 2024 Volume 20

Tribute to Maurice "Spider Cat” Borrows

Staff reporter KC Times
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On behalf of Kingston College Class of 1981

Delivered by Wayne C. Golding Sr Esq. C.D.

Saturday December 2, 2023

In September 1976 when we entered the Melbourne Campus of Kingston College (K,C) as young impressionable boys we were not imagining the end of life and dealing with moments like these but rather was anxious about the beginning of a new way of life and the FORTIS lifestyle, new friends and schoolmates.

Today is a very hard day for the Class of 1981.

The class of 81 is grateful for the opportunity to express our blessed memories of classmate Maurice,“Spider Cat” Borrows.

Maurice who was aptly knighted by his classmates with the nick name “Spider Cat”as he was our first real life Superhero. While others looked for for their Superhero in comics, movie theatre or JBC TV, the class of 81 had theirs live and in living color in Maurice Borrows, Mark Cooper and Mark “Soupbone” Johnson on the campus and thereafter. We revel-led in the life, successes and even shared in disappointment with our Superhero Maurice. For most of us who were frustrated athletes, we live vicariously through Borrows.

If Picasso or Michael Angelo were commission to paint a picture of unselfishness, patience, diligence, resilience and inspiration all combined for the Class of 1981 it would be a masterpiece portrait of Maurice Borrows. His years spent with us was not just about his well document athletic acumen’s but was time spent teaching us by example of how-to walk-in true faith and confidence. He was a quiet inspirational leader by example and was dedicated to the welfare of the boys coming after us and Kingston College. Maurice constantly subtly reminded us of our lifetime commitment to the greatness from which we had evolved into KC men. We stand on his shoulders.

We look back with fond memory and a sense of soberness at our class reunion last year for which Maurice was an integral part of the planning and its execution even in the heights of his medical affliction. Maurice emphasized to us all during that event that we must cherish each other in the now because tomorrow is promised to none of us. How prophetic that turned out to be.

Maurice never backed down from the fight for life and assured that he was at peace with himself and his good. I had the opportunity to document Maurice’s brave and unyielding life on May 6, 2023, on “The Global Diaspora Show”. If you want to see a true Fortis, check it out in perpetuity on Facebook.

The class of 1981 expresses our sincere condolence to the family and friend of Maurice. We also appreciate with heartfelt gratitude to his family for sharing this Superhero with us. He is a true “Fortis Forever man” A brave man who is fallen in this mortal life but with an eternal spirit which has not and will never yield.

Rest well our brother…. until.


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