January 2024 Volume 20

The James & Livia Richards Scholarship

Ronnie Chin
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The James & Livia Richards Scholarship is an annual scholarship program designed to recognize the outstanding legacy of Coach James Richards and his impactful contribution to the cricket program at Kingston College.

This scholarship will not only serve as a tribute to Coach Richards' life but also inspire and motivate future generations of cricketers at Kingston College to strive for excellence both on and off the pitch. It is our mission to create a platform that nurtures talent, fosters growth, and opens doors to new possibilities.

The Scholarship
Each school year, the selected scholarship recipient will be awarded a total scholarship amount of USD $1,000. This award, payable directly to the school, will be primarily allocated towards covering tuition and books. Furthermore, any remaining balance will be utilized to support other essential school-related expenses, such as lunch, transportation, school supplies, and uniforms.

In addition to the monetary award, the scholarship recipient will receive valuable benefits that contribute to their personal and professional development:

The lucky student will be paired with a dedicated mentor who will provide invaluable career guidance and support throughout the school year. The mentor will meet with the student at least once per month, ensuring their individual needs are met and offering unwavering support in both academic and cricket pursuits. While the mentor will not replace the role of the student's parents, they will serve as a trusted source of inspiration and guidance.

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