April 2024 Volume 20

The 2024 KCOBA NY Scholarship awards

George B. Bell
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By 1:00pm on Thursday, March 21, 2024, Kingston College (KC) was well on its way to retain the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys Championship (CHAMPS). The win was formalized on the final day – Saturday, March 23, 2024 – giving KC its 35 th hold on the title.

Simultaneously, Kingston College Old Boys’ Association USA Inc. (KCOBA USA Inc. / KCOBA NY) held its 12 th Annual Scholarship Awards and Panel Presentation in the St. Augustine Chapel at KC’s North Street Campus.

The event showcased over 170 students on scholarships, including New York Chapter’s scholarship awardees (140+ students), The George Thompson Memorial Scholarship awardees (Atlanta Chapter).

The scholarship program operated by KCOBA USA Inc. also includes Branded scholarships, such as the Ronald N. Stephenson Memorial Scholarship, the Haidie Lee Anderson Memorial Scholarship, KCOBA (Toronto Chapter) Scholarship, KCOBA (New England) Scholarship, and the Delta Class of 1964-65 Scholarship.

The gathering also included members of the Joyce Baxter Math Club and members of the KC Music Club. Joining these groups of students were KCOBs from all over the world (visiting for Champs, etc.), families and friends of the students, scholarship donors and supporters of the program, members from other KCOBA chapters, and of course a contingent of KCOBA USA Inc.’s board members.

The afternoon featured a panel presentation, which culminated in celebrating and honoring the success of the students. Prizes (four laptops) were given to the top achiever, most improved student, top math student, and a leadership award. A special cash prize, The Anthony “Tony” Parks Memorial Award, was given to the top chemistry student.

The occasion was piloted by Ms. Nadine Eschoe (Guidance counsellor – Melbourne & member of the scholarship committee) and Dr. Owayne Frater (HFLE Teacher). The prayer was done by Dr. Frater. Mrs. Marguerita Douglas-Hall, Vice Principal, was invited to give an overview of the scholarship program. Principal, Dave Myrie, followed with his welcome and remarks.

Mr. Myrie reiterated that the scholarships were not free – individuals paid for them. He reminded the scholarship recipients to “give back” or “pay it forward” as soon as they could. Mr. Myrie thanked the donors, scholarship committee, the KCOBA chapters involved in scholarships, teachers, family & friends, and everyone else who contributed to the success of the scholarship program.

Principal Myrie was followed by President Dwayne Montaque (KCOBA USA Inc.). President Montaque delivered greetings from the New York chapter, and he congratulated the students. He remarked that the association was very happy to offer the scholarships, and the scholarships are viewed as investments in the recipients’ futures. President Montaque introduced the panelists.

The panelists included Mr. Christopher Campbell, KCOBA USA Inc.’s board member and a Legal Operations manager; Mr. Clayton Denton, Chartered Accountant; Mr. Noel Powell (class of 2019 and former scholarship recipient), BS in Computer Science / Entrepreneur; Mr. Antonea Powell, Pharmacist, and former scholarship recipient; Mr. Nathan Oliver (9 Forrest), scholarship recipient; and Mr. Jevaree Grant (9 Holding), scholarship recipient.

Each of the senior panelists highlighted their time at KC and detailed their journeys from KC to their individual careers. Interestingly, all singled out the days at KC as their most memorable days. After their presentations, each panelist accepted questions from the scholars ranging from issues they faced in schools to career path / choices. Both Nathan and Jevaree, who are currently on scholarships, related how the scholarships not only assist them, but getting the scholarships also positively impact their households. With school fees, etc. out of the way, their parents use the saved funds to help with other needs in the household.

The end of the panel presentations gave way to a musical performance from the Kingston College Music Club. The musical composition was nicely done, and it was well received by the gathering. This was followed by the prize presentations.

From the scholars, the Top Achiever Award went to the Mr. Nathan Oliver (9 Forrest); the Most Improved Student Award went to Mr. Daniel Thomas (11 Forrest); The Leadership Award went to Mr. Jaden Phillips (12 Science); and the Anthony Parks Memorial Award for Top Chemistry student also went to Mr. Nathan Oliver. The Top Mathematics Student Award went to Mr. James Tyler-Watson (9 Clark). The Anthony Parks Award was a cash award, while all the all winners received laptops. Congratulations to all the winners!

The vote of thanks was eloquently done by Mr. Jaden Phillips. It was a great event (see pictures attached) and the afternoon was a distinct reminder that the scholarship program and other similar programs are critical to the lives of the students and as such, it is imperative that these programs continue to flourish.

Accordingly, please join us next year, the Thursday afternoon of Champs at 1:00 pm, in the chapel for the 13 th Scholarship Awards and Panel Presentation.

Thank you to Principal Myrie, all the sponsors of prizes, scholarship donors, KCOBs, board members, and family & friends that were in attendance. A special shoutout to Mrs. Watson, who although retired several years ago, still supports the program, and Mr. Perry Bloomfield, who were both present. The Association wishes to extend a special thank you to Vice Principal, Mrs. Douglas-Hall, & the local scholarship team, organizers of the event, and of course, congratulations to all the students, who are all winners for excelling despite the odds.

The afternoon ended with food, refreshments, and socializing. A big thank you to the KC Music Club for the entertainment. You are also invited to support KCOBA USA Inc.’s next event on its calendar: The Annual Reunion & Awards Gala to be held on Saturday, May 4th, 2024, at Autun’s, 96-43 Springfield Blvd., Queens Village, New York 11429. Tickets are US$150 each. Purchase at: https://kcobausa.org/store-3/annual-reunion-and-awards-gala/. Fortis Forever!!

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