July 2013 Volume 10

Chairman’s Message

Author: Michael Vaccianna

Michael Vaccianna

 June 2013

This is my first message to The KC Times since my appointment as Chairman of the Board of Kingston College and I take this opportunity to congratulate the Editor Glen Laman and his team for their obvious dedication and the wonderful job they have been doing in   read more

Jamaican Diplomacy not Ritual and Flummery

Author: Reprinted from Jamaica Observer

Ambassador Stephen Vasciannie

May 26, 2013

Your columnist, the British MP, Ms Diane Abbott, has written an interesting piece on diplomatic representation under the heading, "Take another look at the cost of overseas missions" (Sunday Observer, April 24, 2013). I would be grateful if you would allow me to respond to some of   read more

Dr. Glen Laman gives Student Commencement Speech at UMT Graduation

Author: Earl Adams

Dr. Glen Laman

Congratulations are in order to the editor of the KC Times, the newly minted Dr. Glen Laman. He recently graduated from the University of Management and Technology (UMT) earning a doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).  He received his degree during the commencement ceremonies which were held in Arlington, Virginia where   read more

In Honor of an Historic Fortis – “King Kong” Beecher

Author: Robert Kelly

Gladstone George “King Kong” Beecher

On May 2, 2013 Gladstone George “King Kong” Beecher died.  At the time of his death, Beecher was almost ninety one years old and the final survivor of the historic 1941 Sunlight Cup team. Gladstone arrived at K.C. in 1939, having previously attended Calabar Elementary School, Mico Practicing School and   read more

In Memory of My Best Friend, Leon St. Clair “Nazzy” Nation

Author: Winston Stewart

Stewie and Nazzy at St.John The Divine Cathedral, New York City - 1st July 1995

Warmest greetings to you all in the name of God and all the ancestors of Kingston College in whose footsteps we walk and upon whose ideas we fly. I was also asked to express deepest and sincerest condolences to Leon’s family and relatives from a number of his K.C. contemporaries   read more

Kurt MacDonald – Fulfills his dream

Author: Lance Seymour

Kurt MacDonald

The December 2005 issue of The KC Times (aka KCOBA Newsletter) featured an article titled "Kurt MacDonald Receives Academic Award". The article highlighted the fact that young Kurt, at the time a recent graduate of the Milliken Mills High School, located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, was the   read more

Funeral of Clinton “Fatman” Clarke

Author: Robert Kelly

Clinton 'Fatman' Clark

The Homegoing service for our beloved friend and brother Clinton Anthony Clarke was celebrated on Friday evening, June 14, 2013.

The service was held at the Bethesda Healing Center, 167 East 98th Street, Brooklyn, New York.  It was standing room only, as hundreds of KC Old Boys came to pay   read more

The 2013 KCOBA NY Annual General Meeting and Election

Author: Brian G. Morrison,

AGM Attendees - The chair in middle with the shirt on it was in memory of Clinton 'Fatman' Clarkie.

The results of the elections following KCOBA NY Annual General Meeting on Sunday July 14, 2013 should serve as a wakeup call for those of us who are reluctant, foolhardy or scared into not embracing Social Media and recognize the big role it played in this local alumni presidential election campaign.   read more

KCPTA scores another successful Teachers’ Day Award Luncheon

Author: Basil Waite

KCPTA executive and 2012-13 awardees at Teachers Day Award luncheon

On Wednesday May 8, 2013 the Kingston College Parent Teachers Association (KCPTA) hosted yet another successful Teachers’ Day Award Luncheon at Alhambra Inn,1 Tucker Avenue, Kingston 6.

KCPTA president Stewart Jacobs welcomed the gathering comprising over 60 teachers, members of the KCPTA executive and KCOBA. Apology was tendered on behalf   read more

Entrance Way Project Seeks Donations

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Michael McMorris at KC gate

The Kingston College Entrance Way Project is seeking donations.  The $3 million project is looking for donors who can make a contribution of US$1,000 each to make the new entrance way a reality. This important infrastructure structure project is the first step of a larger initiative to improve the security   read more

The PUMA FORTIS 5K Run “Show Your School Colours”

Author: Rick Case


Kingston College successfully staged the inaugural PUMA FORTIS 5K RUN on Sunday May 26th, 2013. The FORTIS 5K Run was born out of an idea by Ricardo Case an avid 5K enthusiast, a KC Old Boy and Past Head Boy (1988) who sought to provide sustainable financial support to the   read more

Atlanta Purple Fest 2013 a Success

Author: Anthony Williams

Having a great time at Atlanta Purple Fest 2013

This year’s Atlanta summer fund raiser was re-branded as the Atlanta Purple Fest and was held on June 22nd at the Medlock Bridge Clubhouse in Alpharetta.  Our patrons had a fantastic time as they were entertained through a wide musical selection by DJ Migraine. A very tasty meal was provided by Jamaica Breeze   read more

KCOBA (Toronto) marks 40th anniversary with church service

Author: Lance Seymour

KCOBA Toronto 40th anniversary

The Church of St. David is a small Anglican church located in the east end of Toronto comprised of a congregation of mainly West Indians in origin. Over the last decade, KCOBA (Toronto) has joined with the St. David’s congregation to continue our Anglican tradition by participating in an annual   read more

Fortis 79 Reunion 2013

Author: Conrad E "Atom " Jones

Sitting Clockwise: Pierre McLeod (1H), Winston Needham (1E), Michael 'Banga' Vassell (1G) and George Mendez (1J),Standing Clockwise: Martin Batts (1A), Dean Morris (1E), Andrew Jackson (Extension), Steve 'Shapey' Savory (1F), Conrad E.'Atom' Jones (1D), Proben 'Bishop' Forbes (1F), Leslie Smith (1F) and Evrol 'Country' Brown (1A)

The 2013 Reunion of the Fortis 79 group of KC Old Boys was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA between June 21, 2013 and June 23, 2013. It was the second annual staging of the event.

The festivities started about 4:00 pm at the residence of Desmond “Banga” Vassell (1G).The   read more

A Few Words from the Editor

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Glen Laman

Jamaica’s most famous billionaire, Michael Lee-Chin, is often quoted as saying his success is a statistical improbability because at his primary school he was one of only two students to win a free place to high school when he took the Common Entrance Exam.  From that beginning, he went on   read more

The Logistics Hub initiative (LHI): The challenges and opportunities it presents

Author: Trevor A Campbell

Trevor A Campbell


Perhaps the most visible evidence indicating that some members of the island’s political directorate have begun to fully recognize, and appreciate, where the future of the global economy is heading, is the ongoing concerted attempt to position Jamaica as one of the four globally recognized logistics hubs that will   read more

Hansle Parchment signs deal with GraceKennedy

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Hansle Parchment

KCOB and Olympic Bronze Medalist in the 110m hurdles, Hansle Parchment, signed a deal with Jamaican Food and Financial Conglomerate GraceKennedy to become a Brand Ambassador. He will be the face of the company’s Aloe Vera beverage.

Parchment took the bronze medal in the men's 110m hurdles at the 2012 London   read more

Adrian Nembhard Wins Excellence Award for Master Thesis

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Dr Andrew Pinkerton (left), Adrian D Nembhard receiving the EFNMS Excellence Award 2012 (centre) and Dr Jyoti Sinha (right)

KCOB Adrian Nembhard who took an MSc in Maintenance Engineering & Asset Management  received the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS) Excellence Award 2012 for Best Master Thesis in Maintenance from the UK for his dissertation project "Comparison of Thermal and Vibration Analyses for the Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines.”   read more

KC In The News

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

KC In The News

Kingston College is increasingly in the news. Check this column for links to recent articles about KC.

Old Boys, students and teachers are making headlines and these are published in various media. We have searched several sources to provide the latest items available on the worldwide web.

If you   read more

Meet Steven Jackson, Future Attorney

Author: Robert Kelly

Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson is 21 years of age and recently completed his second of five years in his pursuit of an LLB degree in the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies, Mona.  He is treasurer of the Mona Law Society and a member of the team that   read more

Paving the Road to the Penn Relays: Jamaica’s Odyssey

Author: Derrick R Wright

Derrick R. Wright

An Item of Note:  First published in the previous edition of the KC Times, this article has been updated to include additional insights from legendary KC sports master Donovan Davis.

When you think of the Penn Relays, you probably think of its long history, which dates back to 1895.  And,   read more

The Loss of a KC Man and Dear Friend

Author: Robert Kelly

Clinton Fatman Clarke receiving Presidents Award from Robert Kelly in 2009

The Eulogy of Clinton “Fatman” Clarke

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Robert Kelly and I am one of Clinton’s best friends, but I am not unique. Clinton had many best friends.  It is with great sadness that I stand in front of   read more

Fortis from the Land of Your Breadfruit Ancestors – Massacre Bay in American Samoa

Author: Michael O. Walters

Massacre Bay in American Samoa

As a bunch of us hiked down the steep hill to the bay (see photo), I thought:  “So serene, so beautiful and so peaceful.  This is paradise.  No crocodiles or alligators to chomp on you.  No snakes to inject poisonous venom.  No tigers or lions to jump you.”  Yet, this   read more