June 2010 Volume 7

KCOBA NY Annual Reunion Brunch

Rainford Bloomfield
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The KCOBA USA Inc. Annual Reunion Brunch was held at ‘The Door’ Restaurant in Queens, NY. This restaurant has been a faithful supporter of KCOBA over several years. In attendance were our Honoree Freddie Green and his wife Marva. Ms. Helen Douglas our former Vice Principal of KC, (North Street Campus), Audley Hewett (KCOBA South Fl.) and Clive Golding (KCOBA, Toronto), were among our distinguished guests. Freddie’s daughter Catherine and her husband Adafus, flew in from Atlanta as a special surprise to Dad. Woody Miller, our other honoree encountered visa delays and was unable to fly to New York.

The Brunch kicked off at 10:30 am with much anticipation for the unveiling of the Kingston College Wine. The morning started out with the usual meet and greet, jokes and Fortis fun with members clad in their purple or white Fortis Forever anniversary polo shirts. As a “Yard Style” breakfast was served, complete with hominy corn porridge, ackee and salt fish, and mackerel with banana, we engaged in our annual spirited discussion of what ails our beloved alma mater and how best to fix it. Some of the issues discussed were the lack of leadership and accountability, the lack of proper maintenance of the school facilities and the lack of appreciation of the sacrificial work old boys do at Kingston College.

After discussing the School’s issues, we moved to our newest and greatly anticipated fundraiser: “The Kingston College Wine.” The KC Wine became the high point of the morning as many of us were working with Noel Spencer who brokered the deal with the oldest vineyard in the USA, based in upstate NY. Before Noel completed the unveiling, orders were in for 35% of current stock. Then discussions moved quickly to whether or not we were pricing the wine right; it being a collector’s item bearing the name of the College in its 85th anniversary. Price discussions were passionate but quickly settled and sales went up to 50% of stock.

Overall, it was another great KCOBA event where all in attendance focused on celebrating the legacy of our beloved alma mater and exploring creative ways to promote & support Fortis Forever. We remain grateful to Noel Spencer, because he volunteered to pick up the tab before the President had a chance to pass the hat. With the formalities ending at 12:30 pm, we moved to a new venue, The Door’s parking lot, pursuing solutions to the College’s problems.

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