July 2011 Volume 8

The K.C Database: 19,000 Strong

Wilfred McKenley
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The KCOBA database containing the names of Old Boys who registered and attended KC over the period of 1925-2010 is almost ready for access by the KC family. The project spearheaded by Old Boys, Robert Kelly from the NY Chapter and Wilfred McKenley (Jamaica Chapter), with input from Merrick Foster (NY Chapter) cost approximately J$100,000.

 The database will be integral when garnering funds to assist KC with upgrading the physical infrastructure of the school and will provide financial assistance to needy students and teachers of Kingston College. This is all part of the necessary steps to see KC recognized, without debate, as the premier learning institution for boys in the Northern Hemisphere.

Old Boys all over the world will be able to access and update the general database over the Internet with their current information and any other relevant data they wish the KC family to be aware of.  On completion, the database will be fully secured and access will be restricted to only individuals that were registered and attended KC.

Our desire is that each Old Boy will commit a monthly minimum of US $10.00 or whatever amount each individual can afford to make via credit card deductions. For example, if we get 8,000 old boys giving US$10.00 per month we would collect US$80,000 or approximately JS$6,800,000. The possibilities of what can be accomplished by pooling our contributions are endless. All deductions will be deposited in a bank account under the control of the New York Chapter of KCOBA.

Dr. Ray Fraser, President of the Jamaican chapter, will head the Governing Trustee Board of the database along with other trustees comprised of one member from each functional Chapter. The Board will be responsible for prioritizing, allocating and distributing the funds towards the many urgent needs of the school. Monthly updates of the projects in progress will be highlighted in the KC Times. At the end of the year, the fund will be independently audited and the report published in the annual magazine and over the Internet so that all Old Boys can see how their contributions are impacting the KC community.

In closing, we wish to thank the many persons who contributed their time in putting together this database. A special thank you to Dwayne Bryan of Cumberland High School, who inputted over 10,000 names over a two month period. The project was completed in June, 2011. We look forward to the transformation of the great Kingston College, as it becomes an even greater institution, graduating quality young men who will fill leadership positions in the nation and beyond.


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