August 2011 Volume 8

Toronto President’s Message

Lawrence Prendergast
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Welcome to the Annual General Meeting of the Kingston College Old Boys’ Association, Toronto Chapter. Our main purpose today is to fulfill the mandate of our bylaws by electing a new Board of Directors for the next one year term. We will seek to elect the five officers of the board which include the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary, and the Treasurer. In addition, we will also seek to elect four directors to complete the nine member board. Alongside the elections we will have a chance to reflect briefly on the activities of the past year and to contemplate our direction for the future.

As a chapter, we have over the past year experienced mixed fortunes in our attempts to garner resources in support of our beloved alma mater, notwithstanding, I think the positive results outweighed the not so positive. We have been able to meet our budgeted obligations, as well as some unplanned expenses that surfaced from time to time. Monies disbursed to KC included funds for the lunch and breakfast program, and the Kingston College Development Trust Fund. Here in Canada we presented our inaugural Maurice MacDonald Bursary and contributed to the AJAA graduates program as well. We also made our usual donations to the AJAA’s Christmas Care and Share program and the Church of St. David’s summer program.

As we gather to elect a new leadership team and to renew our commitment to our association and to Kingston College, we reflect on the past year and all its challenges, as well as its blessings. While as an association we face our own ups and downs, it is the current situation at KC that is of most concern to all. Despite all the challenges facing the school, there are some encouraging signs that the institution may be moving in the right direction.

In September, we became aware of the proposal to appoint Stephen Vasciannie chairman of the school board. The appointment eventually became official after a long approval process involving the Ministry of Education. Subsequent to the appointment of the new chairman, the school board has shown a concerted effort to find a suitable candidate to fill the role of Principal at KC. The latest information indicated that of 19 candidates from Jamaica and elsewhere, applicants have been shortlisted to two, following a series of meetings and interviews.

Another positive sign was the appointment of KC Old Boy Robert Kelly as the Plant Supervisor at KC. Robert was selected from a list of 60 applicants who responded to the advertisement for the position. He has since spearheaded and overseen a number of projects including the renovation of the chemistry lab and sports pavilion at the North Street campus.

In light of all that is happening, KCOBA Toronto should aim to position itself to be able to continue to assist the school and to keep abreast of the new wave of activities now taking place at KC. This means that we will need to double or triple our efforts in our fundraising activities, as well as seek new avenues and opportunities to help KC. I have no doubt that the new board elected today will be up to the task and I personally pledge my continued support.

I thank all the active Old Boys for your undying support to this association and encourage everyone to continue to make a positive contribution to the KC family in whichever way you can. To the inactive Old Boys, I suggest that this is as good a time as any to start participating. Greater participation lessens the burden on each person and makes the tasks more fun for everyone. I urge everyone to come out and get involved. Over the years we have promoted excellent events but on most occasions we have failed to sell the targeted number of tickets. We need more people to participate in ticket sales and we need participation in all areas of business. Please come out and share your expertise.

To the members of the outgoing board of directors, I thank you all for your dedication and hard work over the past year and hope that you will be willing to make yourselves available for at least another year. I wish for peace, love and lots of blessings for everyone.


Lawrence Prendergast

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