August 2011 Volume 8

KCOB Starts Discount Vacation Company, “Yard travel”

Basil Waite
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KCOB Damion Crawford has issued a press release announcing his founding of a company, "Yard Travel' which is a venture aimed at facilitating discounted rates for locals at the nation's top resorts, fostering greater appreciation by nationals of the industry and encouraging Jamaicans to take local vacations as well as enjoining the industry to respond positively.

Crawford's release said Jamaicans will realize savings from 20% to 70% through his venture company made possible by way of a partnership with Jamaica's major hotels in association with the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association.

The Tourism Management major who holds a Master of Science in Tourism Management and has been teaching the subject at UWI for the past six years, indicated "Our services are designed to match the demands of Jamaicans for local relaxation and experiences with the hotels and attractions that best suit their pockets and personalities."

The 2004 UWI Mona Guild President, 2001 Douglas Forrest Scholar and Frankie Rance mentee, continued, "It is our mission to ensure that the high cost of hotel accommodation doesn’t make the idea of local vacations and relaxation inaccessible or worst yet, unattainable to the majority of Jamaicans  Yard Travel will change the current situation by making the previously unaffordable affordable."

Another feature of the revolutionary concept advanced by the former PNPYO president, includes an offer of transportation options for persons who prefer not to drive and travel loans to vacations hopefuls who would prefer to pay over 12 months.

Damian pointed to a research survey from a 2007 Statistical Institute of Jamaica study which revealed that Jamaicans spent $4.3 billion on overnight trips and therefore urged hoteliers to put more focus on the domestic market. Across the globe hotels have been utilizing their domestic markets to maximize their revenues and maintain profitability during seasonal fluctuations. In Jamaica there has been little sustained effort to maximize the returns from the domestic market"

Further information can be gleaned from the venture company’s website

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