February 2012 Volume 9

A Few Words from the Editor

Dr. Glen Laman
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It was 50 years ago this month that I first walked through the gates of KC as a student.  I was all decked out in my brand new khaki outfit with a shiny shilling in my pocket for lunch money. I was assigned to form 1 Delta.   Our form teacher, appearing tall and lanky was Mr. Forsythe. I remember him because he took the form on a class picnic on the banks of a river in our first term.

A few months later, we gathered on the grassy area near the chapel to hoist the Jamaican flag for the first time. Jamaica had been granted independence from England and the island erupted in celebration.

My, how quickly 50 years have gone by.

Recently, Jamaicans in Atlanta kicked off a series of events to celebrate the island's 50th anniversary of independence.  Atlanta Old Boys were on hand to lend support. You can read more about this event elsewhere in this month's newsletter.

As I look back on my 50 years since I first started KC, I am thankful each day for the education I received there. I have come a long way since that January morning. I had a chance to work on the school magazine in sixth form and here I am now working on the Old Boys' newsletter.

The fortunes of Jamaica and KC have been inextricably linked, so far.  Evidence of the general malaise of society seeping into the college over the years has not been hard to find. But I pray to whatever gods there be that Jamaica's jubilee anniversary will mark a turning point in the nation's fortunes. And that we can finally stop saying "better must come" and start saying "better has come."

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