January 2013 Volume 10

How I Remember Mr. G

Anthony Clarke
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With “nuff” mixed feelings, this is how I remember the GREAT Sir G.

- Widow's Lane GYM…1960's

- Weights training in the afternoons by the Pavillion and onto Eli Matalon Drive at Clovelly Park

- Driving his falcon motor car at 5 mph

- Drinking his "tonic" from the Horlicks bottle during his lunch break workouts

-Reading his daily bread prayer book

- Talking with that "STUTTERING SPEECH"

- Manning Cup bench and the "black medicine bag"…with the rubbings and all

- Every track meet with the head dress on

- Always well tucked in…shirt in pants

- Giving the history lesson ‘bout the 1964 team

- Giving the talk ‘bout Billy Miller at PENNS

- The Frankie Tenn friendship

- The Lloyd Young [ Mobay gym operator] friendship

-  Lending me his copy of the Sir Herbert McDonald CHAMPS book 1910 - 1970 book

-  The loving relationship with "Lady G”....by his side at most events

-  Those Penn Relays trips we made together

-  The famous Morant Bay Relays drive I gave him [it was too fast]

-  Sitting on the bench with him during the 1985 - 87 seasons

-  The Vineyard Town evening moves

-  The flex to "Hubonnie's Hat Store"

-  The Wellington Drive trips

- The period between the Falcon and the Deportee cars

-  The famous license plate

This is real tough, but a so it go in this life.

Thanks to the organizers of the Youngster Goldsmith Track Meet, his name will live on. I'm glad I was able to write the citation which was presented to him honouring him while he was still ALIVE.

Sir G bat well…R.I.P…Jah guide

Findlay Clarke  aka “Field Marshall”

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