March 2013 Volume 10

The Passing of Teddy McCook

Anthony Clarke
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Within weeks we have lost another "cornerstone” of the Fortis foundation. fortunately the plans were drawn , developed and well in the implementation stage . Thanks once again to the brain child and architect of this nations track and field success. Mr. Neville "Teddy" McCook O.J. we salute you.n

 The memories I have of this icon will never fade away as his work and legacy lives on. Here are some of my recollections:

  • Teddy the President of NACAC
  • President of the JAAA
  • KC Old Boy
  • The modern day G.C. Foster
  • The KC school board member
  • The Gibson Relays and Boys champs Jury of Appeal
  • The ontime man
  • The time keeper with the manual stop watch
  • The driver of the golden Datsun Laurel motor car.
  • The man from Hercules Agency who would invite athletes to have lunch there
  • The man who would provide vitamins for athletes
  • The baseball enthusiast
  • The man most describe as short with the gap between his front teeth
  • The man in the purple floppy cricket hat and purple bush jacket
  • The man who spoke of his brother "CHAPPY" always
  • A member of the "KC sports magnificent SIX" [ Aries, Richard, Ennis, Coke and Dr. Elliott ]
  • An unselfish man who guided students to scholarships and coaching certification
  • The man with the famous centre hair path and thin line moustache

How he would say "PARDI" what's your final champ numbers [referring to my predictions] The man that talked about being blessed for having four daughters, but no son to attend KC Sir Mack introduced me to the timekeeper's stand and spoke highly of my abilities in that department and that lasted over 20 years..He recommended me for the IAAF level one certification programme. For all these things I am truly grateful. Teddy was a role model for many and when the Youngster Goldsmith Committee ask me to write the citation which was presented to him I accepted whole heartedly. Teddy served well, scored many athletic "goals" and has left KC and the nation of Jamaica with a rich legacy.

RIP my FORTIS brother.

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