March 2014 Volume 11

The KC Etiquette Session

Staff reporter KC Times
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It would be an understatement of elephantine proportions for one to say that the Kingston College Sixth Form Etiquette Session was simply “an evening of excellence.” The event was held at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on December 9, 2013. The ambiance of the hotel’s lobby was breathtaking. It was evident that a higher level of decorum and class would be expected from all the participants of the session.

The idea of the etiquette session was created on the premise of educating the senior students of Kingston College about the various social graces correlated with the corporate world. Not only that but to further mould and refine the young men while trying to perfect the discipline Kingston College has instilled in them. The session proved to be extremely successful as not only did the students embark on an educational journey but so did the members of staff who sat in on the session. The art of dining was indeed improved not to mention how well socialization skills were perfected.

The Master of Ceremonies, Ms. Donna Haynes (Marketing Consultant) not only commenced and chaired the session but also lightened the atmosphere with little quips on life and social graces. Ms. Haynes being part of the Kingston College family was vibrant and energetic. She captivated her audience and managed to engage them in the evening’s proceedings.

The Sixth Form body was very happy to have had Ms. Novelette Anderson (HR Director- Burger King) sharing with them. She highlighted the significance of etiquette in the work place, as this was also an objective of the session as well as to aid in the development of young men getting ready for the real world.

Our main Guest Speaker of the evening’s session was none other than Mr. David Shields. Mr. Shields is a Old Boy of Kingston College (Class of 1978), a former assistant director of tourism,  and now, General Manager of Island Routes, a subsidiary of the Sandal Chain.  Mr. Shields took us back in time from his days at KC and brought us to the here and now.  He commented that this etiquette session was a big bold move by the school in the right direction.  He emphasised that in today’s society too many of our young men are left behind; and “it looks good, feels good to see that my school, KC is equipping our young men with a balance in academics and the social graces needed for a rounded personal development.”

On this evening another aspect of the talents present at Kingston College was showcased. Everybody in attendance was entertained by talented Sixth Formers. The great melodies and intriguing compilation of songs aided in the smooth flow of the session.

Ms. Nancy Mclean was articulate and approachable in her teaching and illustration of various dining procedures. Her grace and charm allowed for the teaching and learning process of dining etiquette to be less strenuous and more relaxed. Her step by step tutorial ensured that every individual in the room took something worthwhile from the session.

Students and teachers alike described the etiquette session as “informative”, “interactive” and “fun”. The session did provide the opportunity for the gentlemen present to develop and reflect on self. Needless to say, the great cuisine of the evening was a win amongst the gentlemen who were excited to have been exposed to an event of this nature. The giveaways at the end of the session had sparked mixed reactions as some had been basking in their victories and others only had the chance to look in envy. Nonetheless, the session was a total success, and expectations are high for the next etiquette session and it’s anticipated to be greater than the first.

Our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors: KCOBA NY chapter, the Tourism Development Fund, Lasco, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd, the Pegasus Hotel, Burger King and several individuals who donated prizes.

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.”

  • Emily Post

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