March 2014 Volume 11

Excerpts from speech made by Principal Myrie at Tampa dinner/dance 2014

Anthony Williams
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“I want to acknowledge the level of support from the KCOBAs to the school. The support has been phenomenal not only from the old boys themselves but also from their wives and partners.

When I talk to people outside the KC community, their impression of the KC community is that we are a cult. What they don’t understand is that the level of support from old boys goes a long way in providing opportunities for our students. KC performs excellently and is the best because of investment in things like infrastructure and education. We want to build on these investments and not just to look back at the glory days of the past but to continue to be the best…

One of the things we are doing differently is the renovation at Melbourne Park. The campus is the first point of contact for parents as their kids enter school at first form. So the school must be up to par, it must have a welcoming look that impresses the parents as they enter the school for the very first time. We have been able to improve the face of Melbourne Park through government support and outside sources. We have painted the buildings, tiled the floors, give the gazebos a new look and this has made a remarkable transformation to the campus.

Academically, the school is performing excellently. For example, only one child in first form performed below 50% in any subject.  Our third form culture is to cultivate KC men who are exemplary on and off campus. “

Special commendation was given to Audley Hewett from the Miami Chapter. The Principal recognized the hard work of Audley in mobilizing resources for the school and the humility in which Audley goes about the task at hand – never seeking public praise or commendation.  Audley is so much in evidence at KC that he is often referred to as the Assistant Principal.

In closing, Principal Myrie stressed that the love of his job as principal is more important that than any monetary compensation he receives. His passion is in education and his satisfaction is in the success of his students. Nothing is more fulfilling.

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