September 2014 Volume 11

Dr. Glen Laman Releases New Book on Entrepreneurship

Derrick R Wright
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Atlanta resident Dr. Glen Laman is well known as a respected entrepreneur.  In addition, he is the past president of the Kingston College Old Boys Association, the managing editor for “KC Times” (, a technologist extraordinaire, and a dedicated community benefactor.  But his list of enterprising endeavors does not stop there, however.  He is now the author of a newly published book, “Jamaican Entrepreneurship – A review of the characteristics, traits and ideas underlying the success of some of the Island’s most accomplished entrepreneurs.”

Dr. J. Davidson Frame, Academic Dean at the University of Management and Technology, pronounced that, In “Jamaican Entrepreneurship,” Dr. Laman argues convincingly that there is something about Jamaican culture that supports an entrepreneurial outlook.   Not only that, though.  According to Maxine McDonnough, Manager – Jamaican Epicurean Escape, “As part owner of a family-run business, the lessons I learned from the book kept me going when faith was beginning to waiver and my courage was waning.  It underscored the fact that entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted, and major success requires calculated risk, belief in self, great partnerships, and hard work.”

Dr. Laman explored the achievements of 15 outstanding Jamaicans and their divergent paths to success.  And he affirms that, while most of the 15 entrepreneurs were able to accomplish their dreams in Jamaica, others pursued success in the North American market by fulfilling the needs of The Diaspora.

The book highlights the historic, social, political and geographic factors which contributed to the development of the Jamaican economic environment.  “This background puts the achievements of the Jamaican businessmen and businesswomen into proper perspective, making their successes even more astounding and inspirational,” the author asserts.

One saying that is often attributed to Jamaicans is that they love to “run things.”   But what does it mean to run things?  The manager of a small business could be seen as running things.  However, according to Dr. Laman, true entrepreneurs are the dynamic forces behind the planning and launching of new business enterprises.  They bear all the risks and uncertainties in running an organization.

Essentially, that pressing need to run things in the full sense will demand well-developed entrepreneurial skills.  It follows, then, that those skills need be acquired and applied properly, if one hopes to be most successful in such a business venture.  

That, I submit, is why this book should be an indispensable and often-referenced addition to everyone’s library.  The well-researched case studies are important, detailed and compelling lessons that will help the budding entrepreneur to identify various critical success factors, and will show, conclusively, the paths the studied group followed to attain success.

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