September 2014 Volume 11

KC’s Allan Morgan awarded Football Scholarship to Jacksonville University

Maurice Borrows
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Kingston College’s own Allan Morgan who captained the school’s  football team for the 2012 and 2013 seasons has been awarded a football scholarship to attend Jacksonville University in Florida starting in August 2014.

This was the result of an effort spearheaded by members of the KC family in South Florida who started a program whose goal is to return the coveted Manning Cup back to 2a North Street for the first time since 1986.

The goals are simple:
Retain the top players and provide them with an opportunity for a football scholarship at a college in the US.
Attract young and talented players to the school and provide them with the same opportunity.

 KC has suffered drastically from the exodus of their top players who have moved on to other schools such as St. George’s College and Wolmers’ Boys, assisting those schools in winning numerous football trophies over the past decade.

Morgan is the prototype of the new focus at KC where the intent is to reward top football players who have proven themselves in academics and athletics with a chance to be seen by numerous college coaches in the USA. Several KC Old Boys who are affiliated with the Miramar United Soccer Club spearhead this effort. The Club will give selected students exposure to its vast array of college coaches at the Division 1, 2, 3, and NAIA levels.

Morgan is an outstanding student athlete who has attained seven CAPE subjects and nine CSEC (five distinctions) subjects while at KC. He is also an outstanding multi-sports athlete representing the school at cricket and football at the U14, U16, and U19 levels. He captained the school’s football team during the last two Manning Cup seasons and was rewarded with a trip to South Florida in December 2013 to showcase his football skills playing for the Miramar United’s Under-19 team in a sponsored event watched by several college coaches.

Morgan’s impressive performance along with his accomplishments in the classroom earned him several scholarship offers. Morgan was invited back to Florida in April 2014 for a second trial where once again, playing with the Miramar United Soccer Club his performance was stellar and several scholarships were offered. The diminutive attacking central midfielder chose to attend Jacksonville University in Florida where he will pursue a degree in engineering.

When asked what’s the most important lesson he has taken from his experience as a Kingston College student, Morgan’s reply, “Believe in yourself, set attainable goals and work hard to achieve those goals.”

Morgan also stated that he is thankful to the many KC Old Boys in the Florida Chapter of the KCOB Association and the Miramar United Soccer Club for their efforts in making his football scholarship a reality. Morgan stated that he hopes to become a professional footballer with his second option being an engineer. Not bad for a student who decided to stay at Kingston College even when those around him were leaving for seemingly greener pastures.

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