September 2014 Volume 11

Message from the Principal

Reprinted from the 2013 KCDTF Report
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It is a pleasure for me once again to provide a message for the Kingston College Development Trust Fund Annual Report. I would also on behalf of the School like to express our thanks and heart-felt gratitude for your continued support for the various infrastructural development projects undertaken at Kingston College. Your contribution is not only timely but leaves a significant impact on the psyche of both staff and students and is a telling example of what is possible when the Fortis motto becomes not only words of sentiment and nostalgia, but the energizing force to all that we do.

I am pleased to report that over the past eighteen months we have made some progress in the development of our school, and in our resolve to improve the infrastructure of the School. A few of these achievements are highlighted below.


  • Restructured the school - Melbourne as our lower school campus to house first to third forms (1-3); North Street is our upper school campus and house fourth to sixth forms (4-6).
  • Created a dedicated sixth form block
  • Re-vamped the curriculum – maths and English now taught every day from first through to third forms.
  • Developed a behaviour management policy and curriculum guides for all levels
  • Implemented the Helen Douglas Academic Award programme
  • Implemented a staff incentive scheme.
  • Implemented a School Database System

The following improvements/repairs were made to the Melbourne Campus:

  • Repair of Table Tennis Room (ceiling, painting and general repairs)
  • Patching of walls inside and outside of classrooms (entire school was done)
  • Construction of eating area (120ft by 50ft)
  • Construction of a tuck shop and tiling of the same
  • Re-establishing drive way to old side gate
  • Fencing of the football field
  • Paving of entrance to football field
  • Tiling of twenty two (22) classrooms and the Biology and computer labs (Porcelain)
  • Tiling of Computer Lab. (Porcelain)
  • Tiling of Library and one section of the corridor (Porcelain)
  • Painting of the entire compound to include all classrooms
  • Repairing of Office for Father Powell
  • Installation of Air conditioning units in staff room
  • Repairing of English Staff room
  • Repairing of roof of the Guidance Counselor’s Office
  • Building of storage area beside Table Tennis room
  • Constructing of office for visiting coaches and match officials
  • Repairing of partitions inside all classrooms
  • Rewiring of the entire campus (installation of outlets in every classroom)
  • Installing of ceiling fans in 20 classrooms
  • Building of 40 Combination benches for the eating area
  • Building and installing white boards in 19 classrooms
  • Installing notice board around the compound and in ten (10) classrooms
  • Paving walkway connecting the multi-purpose building to the grade  eight (8) block
  • Waterproofing of the roofs of the Grades 7 & 8 Blocks (funded by  KCDTF)
  • Building of a concrete housing for garbage skip
  • Outfitting twenty four (24) classrooms with new desks and chairs
  • Re-building table tops for all work tables in Biology lab
  • Building of curb wall beside entrance to the main gate
  • Paving of area that will be used as an after school waiting area
  • Installation of grills to all staircase entrance
  • Installation of Windows and A/C in staff room
  • Building of two Gazebos (PTA support)
  • Securing and planting of flowers around the front of the campus (Support
  • was received from Churchill Neita).

The following improvements/repairs were made to the North Street  Campus:

  • 20 classrooms were outfitted with new desks and chairs.
  • The 6th Form Block has been outfitted with padded lecture chairs.
  • Teachers received new desks and chairs.
  • The staff room was air-conditioned.
  • The roof of the staff room was waterproofed (funded by KCDTF)
  • The Administrative Office was fully refurbished by a former parent and  benefactor .
  • All buildings were re-painted.
  • The main entrance gate to the North Street Campus was replaced and the  entrance given a well-needed facelift ( support from Michael McMorris  and Audley Hewett).
  • Landscaping of the front entrance of the school (support from Churchill  Neita)
  • Building of four (4) new classrooms
  • A new school bus was purchased and the old bus fully refurbished
  • A new bike was also acquired (Fortis pavilion) which is being used by the bearer. These purchases were made possible from generous contributions from old boys and friends of Kingston College.

The next phase of our infrastructural plan is the completion of the Douglas Forrest Building which will house a state of the art Library and Technology Centre. We need full support for this project. Our objectives remain steeped in the vision of our founding fathers; hence the school remains committed to grooming our boys to become men who will be able to make a meaningful contribution to our country. Our is the task of nurturing our adolescent boys regardless of the strata of the society from which they come, ensuring that when they leave these hallowed halls, they will be adequately furnished with the skills, values and attitudes that will ensure that they become productive and upright citizens. This must be the bench mark from which we will measure our success.

Finally, I wish to commend the Trust Fund for its support to the School over the years, and look forward to forging an even greater partnership as we seek to provide the type of physical environment which will enhance the teaching and learning process.

Fortis Forever.

Dave Myrie
Kingston College

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