July 2020 Volume 16

Waterford’s champion boy Shamar Martin to continue academic and sporting success at Kingston College

Reprinted from Old Harbour news
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Written by: Vaughn Davis

For most primary school students faced with the challenge of selecting high schools to attend before sitting the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exam, the decision simply comes down to the institution with the best academic record.

But Shamar Martin had other ideas.

The three-time champion boy from Waterford Primary School wanted to attend a high school whose reputation for sports is in line with high academic standards.

After weighing his options, Martin selected the much-vaunted Kingston College as his preferred destination.

Having made that choice, the student-athlete settled in his mind that he would have to work extremely hard to make his goal a reality, as Kingston College is consistently among the most selected schools in the country each year. Plus, there was also the challenge of the school year being disrupted by the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Despite all that, Martin settled into his usual routine of regular studies. A consistently strong academic performer, he made sure to keep up with the online lessons and activities his teacher provided during the period of home study from March to May.

“I just go over what the teacher gave me and we did the Zoom meeting and those things… and the Edufocal,” Martin said in an interview with Old Harbour News.

His grandmother Dionne Grey speaks of Shamar’s strong work ethic during the period of home quarantine, saying her grandson was always with a book studying and working. The boy was determined to make his family and school proud.

On the day of the exam, Martin said he was nervous despite all the preparations. He knew he had prepared, but like most other children sitting the exam, he was unsure about what to expect. He quickly settled his mind, taking comfort in the hours of study and effort he had put in prior to that moment. When it was finished, he left feeling very confident.

“It was good, it was challenging, I was nervous. The test was good, the only thing I had to do was study and just go to the classes and I came out good,” he said.

On results day, Martin learned that he had not only passed for Kingston College, but he had also scored an impressive 317.9 placement score out of a possible 350.

Martin was ecstatic after passing for his preferred school, and quickly began fantasizing about the impact he would make on the high school’s football and track and field programmes.

In all likelihood, Martin’s sporting prowess would have been noted by scouts at KC. A striker, who finished second on the top scorers chart in the INSPORTS Primary School Football and without doubt the top track and field athlete at his alma mater.

Martin is also glad he was able make his grade six teacher, Nadine Walker proud.

“She felt good because she knew that it was my first choice,” he told Old Harbour News.

For her part, Walker was not surprised by Martin’s accomplishment, noting he has always been a dedicated and studious young man.

His now former teacher said: “He was one of the main ones who had me on my feet. Whenever we are going to have a Zoom session, he is the first there, we do our Google classroom or WhatsApp he is always on board, always participating. If he doesn’t understand, I will see a WhatsApp message saying ‘Miss I don’t understand or Can you explain?’

The educator says she expects her past student to continue his strong performances in and out of the classroom when he enters Kingston College in September.

“I expect him to do well if he continues on the same trend that he is on. He is not only smart but he has a good work attitude, in fact, whatever he does he does it passionately.

He is an exceptional footballer, and a very good athlete… He has a good balance of academic excellence and athletics, sporting,” she said.

As he matriculates to the secondary level, Walker has these words of advice for her former pupil.

“I would tell him continue being him, continue giving of his best, what he deems suitable, not what another person wants of him what he thinks is his best,” she said.

Martin says he is looking forward to the new challenge and is ready to fly the famed purple and white flag of North Street.

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