July 2020 Volume 16

Thank You Dr. King

Garey Richards
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It’s been many years since
You sadly passed away
I’m sure many people wish
You were still here today.

You were the champion of
The cause for the blacks
The poor and the weak
The voice of so many people
Who dared not to speak.

I’ve read so many stories of
Your non-violent protest
It makes you seem so strong
Compared to the rest.

Fighting racism in America
Armed with only the word
When you think it seems
Quite absurd.

But you fought on gallantly
Day after day
Never giving in, sometimes
Stopping to pray.

Dr. King I want to say thanks
In my own humble way
For helping me to live in
America as I do today.

I know that this battle
Is still not yet won
But sacrifices you made
Inspire me to carry on.

It is a tough world out there
And a lot of misery,
But I’m trying to get people
of different races to see
That we can all live together
On the face of this earth.

Teaching each other what life’s really worth
Helping each other to attain
Great heights
And allowing everyone to
Enjoy their God given rights.

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