May 2022 Volume 18

Old Boy Makes Music as he practices Medicine

Reprinted from Jamaica Gleaner
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Antoineodol shared that the reaction to ‘Lava’ from patrons at a sports bar who were hearing the song for the first time was a confidence booster.

After years of deejaying for fun, Antoineodol is gearing up to make his official music debut with the single Lava.

The decision was encouraged by a chain of events over the past month, catalysed by his usual process: vibing to an instrumental and constructing a song out of boredom, then sending it to a select few for feedback.

“Everybody was saying, ‘You actually need to release this song for real’,” Antoineodol told The Gleaner. “I was like really? But I wasn’t confident. I always do it low-key and then one or two of my friends would hear it and them like the song but the reception I got from this song was different than usual so I decided to let more people hear it.”

Nestled on a slow, sexy track, Lava unfolds with Antoinedol as a sex philosopher of sorts, toasting to the effects of great sexual chemistry by way of dub poem and singjay ‘stylee’. The track was well received by the second cohort who further encouraged him to make a music video, adding “you have nothing to lose”.

Though he said he has always had a passion for music and even has a bevy of friends in the industry, Antoineodol never identified as an artiste. The general practitioner, whose given name is Antoine Fraser, solicited the opinions of more people, including a DJ who not only liked it, but played it before an audience at Jangas in Kingston three weeks ago. Antoineodol, who observed the crowd’s reaction, said the moment was a confidence booster.

Fast-forward, he is looking to release the track with visuals by mid-May, and has pulled out all the stops to do things “the right way”. He did the production and recruited JP Masters to master the track. He is also doing promotion on TikTok, and recorded a radio version a few days ago.


“Right now, my VEVO is in the process of being approved,” he said. “I already set up the platforms to distribute it on Apple Music, Spotify and so on ... I’m the type of person who likes to do things properly … If I have to release the song, I have to purchase the licence for the rhythm. I’m already spending money on the song so might as well just release it properly and organise as it should be done, so that’s why it progressed from not even wanting to take it seriously to doing a music video and stuff like that.”

As for his moniker, it’s his alias from high school (Kingston College) which happens to hint at his profession as a medical doctor. With the lengths he has gone through to ready the release of his debut project, Antoineodol said he just wants “to share the music. I’m not trying to be the biggest artiste in the world. If that happens, that would be good. I don’t toot my own horn but based on what people are saying, the song has great potential. I just want to release it properly so it can reach its potential.”

And other releases?

“I don’t plan to be a musician but I will release music accordingly.”

He said listeners can expect music that is entertaining and relatable, injected with his witty persona.

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