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Dale Keizs

by Staff reporter KC Times
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Dale Keizs is another KC Old Boy who was born "under the clock" in Kingston. He attended Central Branch, Trench Town, Mizpah and other schools before joining his brother, Manley, at Kingston College in 1958. There were also many sons of family friends who attended at the same time..

While at KC, Dale was active in several extra curricular activities. He was a member of the Sea Scouts and the Choir. He represented the school in elocution and was a member of the school's table tennis team. But the real treat was working on a drama production in partnership with the sisters from St. Hugh's High School.

In 1958, third and fourth formers organized a canteen strike providing an early lesson in people power. The sad news of the drowning of KC Old Boy, Edward "Bumpy" Clarke, on scholarship in England, was a somber moment that he recalls. Dale soon felt on "top of the world" when along with his scouting pals, he climbed to the highest point on the Blue Mountain peak.

Dale had many outstanding teachers, but Mr. Cargill who taught history was a real confidence builder. Miss Serrant, a biology teacher, was another of his favorites: she had a brilliant mind and he feels most fortunate to have come under her influence.

There is not enough space to mention the many memorable classmates from Dale's days at the "college." But he and Owen Hector, also known as "Yul Brynner," were invariably at "each other's throats." Despite their young age, they passionately debated politics and rigorously defended opposing sides of the political landscape. Dale now suspects that such argumentative fervor was probably due to family ties rather than any deep political analysis.

And then there was Errol "Mickey East" Alberga or "Al" as he was affectionately called by family and close friends. Wolmer's Boy's School had Mickey West. The cricketers of the day will appreciate the comparison. He was a quiet spirit, and a real gentleman. Al and Dale were not only classmates but resided in the same neighborhood. Dale recalls that Al was always building or designing something. Small wonder that today he is among Jamaica's leading architects.

1963 was the last year that the Cambridge School Certificate was offered in Jamaica. This was also the year Dale completed his studies at KC. He worked briefly in the Technical Services department at the Jamaica Telephone Company before accepting an appointment with the Civil Service in the Government Printing Office Audit Team.

In the spring of 1966 Dale headed north to Canada, settling in Toronto. He joined the Canadian National Railways, a Federal Agency, in the fall of 1966 working in Information Systems. In spring 1979, he moved on to the Canada Post Corporation for a position in Transportation Logistics and is still with them to this day.

Dale married his wife Joan in 1967, the year Canada's celebrated its 100th anniversary and cites as his centenary project. They have three children: Judanna, Hal and Duane. They also have eight grandchildren. Dale still enjoys a good session of table tennis and an uninterrupted swim of an hour or more. He currently lives just west of Toronto in Oakville, Ontario, home of the PGA Glen Abby golf course and headquarters of Ford Motor Company (Canada Ltd).

Dale is a Founding member of KCOBA Toronto. He can be considered one of the association's foot soldiers: always a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. He has served on the board of directors at various times and in various capacities, and was a driving force behind the incorporation of the chapter. In 1995, the first year that the association recognized its members, Dale was among a select few who received the Meritorious Service Award as appreciation for his dedication to and participation in the activities undertaken by the Association to foster a spirit of fraternity and provide continual support to KC. In 2003, he was inducted as a Life Director of the chapter in recognition and appreciation of his service to the association over the last 30 years. He is currently serving as its secretary.

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